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Rudra Global provides complate solution of VoIP Products and guidance about VoIP . You will get fresh deals on VoIP Wholesale Carrier, VoIP Reseller Partner & VoIP Call Shop Service.Rudra
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Technology Partners
Sansay, Inc. is a leading provider of VOIP inter-carrier/peering and subscriber access session control systems that deliver a unique combination of industry-leading performance, stability and scalability. Service providers worldwide can improve service quality, reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and gain control over a wide range of VOIP applications including domestic/international wholesale, calling card, residential and business VOIP service, call/contact center and e-911 service
Website : www.sansay.com
TeleDynamicX is a leading provider of software solutions for the Telecommunications industry serving a wide variety of customers, from emerging carriers to established providers including long distance carriers, wholesalers, ILECs, CLECs and VoIP companies. TeleDynamicX innovative solutions empower carriers world-wide with automation, analysis and decision support capability to effectively manage International and US Domestic interconnect complexities including, customer and vendor dial code and rate management, intelligent least cost / best quality routing, billing and unparalleled business intelligence. TeleDynamicX routing and billing seamlessly interface with Sansay switches among others.
Website : www.teledynamicx.com
IVR Technologies, Inc. is a leading software development company providing a fully integrated application, media and billing server to next generation networks. As the first vendor to develop a commercially available SIP compliant IVR and billing server, we have shown, and continue to show, our leadership and vision in this market. 
Website : www.ivr.com
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